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Inspiration and a Wake-Up Call

Inspiration and a Wake-Up Call

This is a writing sprint. Please excuse spelling and grammatical errors.

Why? Why does it hit you like a jarring call or super obnoxious alarm that sounds like the cross between a howler monky and they yelp of a person who just stepped on a lego while barefoot?

I am talking about inspiration. Here, I sit, at 3:51 in the morning, wreiting a post. Its one of those situation s where a project I am working on has me thinking about different ways and means and methods.

If this has never happened to yuou, it’s a jarring wakeup as I mentioned, then your brain hits the floor and you must either note or oftentimes even go do that thing that woke you up. Thing of it is, if you don’t answer that call, as I have done in the past, you all too often miss the meeting your brain is telling you

Let me hear you.

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