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Vulnerability is Your Security

Vulnerability is Your Security

I was searching for a quote to use in a business post and came upon one for Brene Brown. The keyword I searched with was vulnerability.

Whern we consider the word, I would think many of us automatically get our brains into an assessment mode as if to say “hey, that workd means we have an open spot to be attacked, who’s on it?”

That’s how we’re wired, for self-preservation. As much as we’d like to think ourselves the most evolved mammals on the planet and so displaced from our primate ancestors, it doesn’t change the fact that tiny piece of our brain that runs the carnal instinct protection mode is still the most active part.

Back to Brene. I will past the quote below after the timer but it hot me in such a way as to make me realize my jouirney these past several months is much like hers and how she described her TED talk in 2010.

The message, explore your vulnerability and you will find your best streng

P.S. Here is the link to a TED blog post about the TED talk she gave. https://blog.ted.com/vulnerability-is-the-birthplace-of-innovation-creativity-and-change-brene-brown-at-ted2012/

Let me hear you.

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