Tinnitus and the Meditating Man

Tinnitus and the Meditating Man

This is a writing sprint. Please excuse typos and grammatical errors.

Like many people, the high pitched ringing happened from time to time growing up. Unlike most thought, around the time I was 22 the ringing nver stopped.

TO ive with Tinnitus is to hear the constant, loud tone within your head. It’s as if someone is blowing a whistle, they never stop for a breath, and only you can hear it.

Believe it or not, this can lead to a myriad of challenges for people who have it, including such things as depression. Imagine, sitting on a beach, no one around you talking, just enjoying the sound of the waves as gravity conducts them to and fro. Now, imagine not being able to have that state of zen moment because you’re never able to have a moment of peace like that.

This was until I started meditating several months ago. The tinnitus was actually worse in the beginning, but the more I learned to focus the more I am able to find moments where it

Let me hear you.

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