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We’re Talking to You

We’re Talking to You

This is a writing sprint. Please excuse spelling and grammatical errors.

Ahhh, new year, new expoeriences, new….revelations. I was filling out a form yesterday and errantly pressed 2 as the fiurst digit when entering my year of birth. This caused me to chortle a bit, only to be rudely assaulted with the truth…..thats a perfectlyu valid entry now.

That really had to sink in foir a few moments. I m ean, holy shit…just now I am thinking about it again and apparently there’s still a bit more room there for this to sink in.

Its the srot of thing where commercials, ads, things like that are aimed at an older demographic. I’m still young, that’s not me, etc. Then in one moment, realization jumps on your back and forces you to accept…damn, I am that demographic now.

Let me hear you.

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