Lexapro: A GoGo (sprint version)

Lexapro: A GoGo (sprint version)

This is a writing sprint. Please excuse typos and grammatical errors. Formatted version here.

IT started almost a week ago. I had taken my Lexapro after a couple of years and got it down to 10 mg. Then for several months, I had it to 5. Last week, 0 mg.

The first couple of days, I didn’t really feel withdrawals and thought, maybe this won’t be too bad. fast forward to this weekend, and I am facing the whole gammut.

Restless, depressed. Not going down the suicide road but having the thoughts of who would miss me? The thing I was not expecting, the crying.

I have always been a somewhat empathetic person but everything that gave me the slightest of an emotional tinge resulted in a seeming deluge of tears.

All I can say is if I hadn’t started mindfulness practices several months ago I thounk I would be in a very bad and dark place right now.

Meditate and wait.

Let me hear you.

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