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Sound it Out

This is a writing sprint. Please excuse spelling and grammatical errors.

What’s in a word? It’s one of tthose questions that seemingly has an obvious answer, but it’s also a question that has answers shrouded in subtelty.

I love words. I am often fascinated with how words sound when said out loud. One of my mavorite words (anyone else have favorite words) to promnounce is soliloquy. I am say9ing it out loud now as i write these line and it’s …..I duinnow, the way it flows.

Maybe its the sound of the two ls with a joining vowel?

Just as powerful as an emotion can be, when expressing emotion i feel not only what you say is enhnaced by how you say it. Yes, that sounds like something we’ve all known for a long time but I mean it more succint than that.

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