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Screens, Tabs, and Focus…oh my.

Screens, Tabs, and Focus…oh my.

This is a writing sprint. Please excuse spelling and grammatical errors.

Fir much of my computing life, I have often thought “the more screen, the better”! I can have this window over here, that window there, be able to n a browser and take note at the same time…endless joy and productivity!

Rather than writing at my desk as I often do, this morning I was thinking to try something different. I don’t think this is a problem only for those with ADHD, but at least in my case it’s certainly one amplified,

That something different was to sit in my living room, writing this post on my laptop instead. No extra real-estate involved.

While I certainly cannot say that it is increasing my ability to write great content, as I write said content now, go figure. Anyway, I do feel at least that I am more able t focus on what I need to focus on and resist the urge to open a tab management program, find one of interest, then inevitably go down the rabbit hole and create an entirely new tab-laden ecosystem which I will save ad then think about again in 3 w

Let me hear you.

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