One Gay at a Time
My Cup Gayeth Over

My Cup Gayeth Over

This is a writing sprint. Please excuse typos and grammatical errors.

Everything was set in preparatiok for my guests, and they began to arrive. When someone looked to have a drink, I had forgotten to put out any cups.

As this was an informal gathering, I pulled from the cupboard enough tumblers for everyone. As the first person made their drink, I thought npothing of it.

When the scond and then third person made their drinks. I noticed something then. Though my Comr Out With Pride tumbler was first within reach, peole kept reaching for other tumbers instead. Might I add, this “big, gay tublmer” is also insulated.

After the last guest made their drink, and the gay cupo sat alone I asked them ,”Did you guys think using the gay cup would make you gay? Were you worried about your soda going gay on you?”

You would’ve thought I had just asked them in front of God and the congregation, “who’s the big sinner that farted during the sermon?”

I got so many, NO…thats not it at all, ad nauseum AStounding. It was just a cup.

Let me hear you.

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