Is Emotion a Person, Place, or Thing?

Is Emotion a Person, Place, or Thing?

This is a writing sprint. Please excuse typos and grammatical errors.

Great miondfulness practices yesterda centered on welcoming emotions. What I was feeling at the time was joy..perhaps contentment may be better. In my office, I sit near the window. My favorite time of day to meditate is when the sun nears its ascension to high noon.

It frames itself wonderfully in this window, so I close my eyes, look towards it, and meditate.

In this practices, I had to take the feeling at the moment and visiualize it as something. For me, it was like being in an borderless room, filled with a warm glow. Visualizing it now brings me joy.

Then< i was to ask” Why are you here or what do you want for me?” I answered almost immediately “to be happy.” Upon resting with that for a moment, I was to ask, “What do you need for me to do to help you achieve that? I had to noodle on that one for a moment. Nearing the end of the exercise, these to words came to mind.

“To try.”

Let me hear you.

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