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Can I Just See the Highlight Reel?

Can I Just See the Highlight Reel?

This is a writing sprint. Please excuse spelling and grammatical errors.

I didn’t watch the debate last night because while importanbt, i just didn’t have the desire to watch people argue for a couple of hour. It seems there is so much arguing these days that it almost takes up so much tinme on the news and in our personal lives. I’m right, no I’m right…if evertyone’s always right then when the hell is anyone ever wrong. Perhaps that is the real issue here, no one wants to admint that they are wrong. what does it mean to admit being wrong? what do you acrfifice in accepting that? i think we feel as if we will lose our indentity by admitting we are wrong. As if we cannot allow a piece of ourself to be changed or lost because in the end, who we are or at least who we think we are is the only thing we ever really own.

Also, i didn’t watch last night because I thought I’ll just catch the highlight reel. This has me thnknnig this mornig that the highlight reel is all we ever really take away. Our minds aren’t setup to to catch all the details. We remember poieces and parts of experiences and that’s all really. When watching a show, we remember thems and ideas, along with some specific moments. Hell, anyone who has watched a sporting match of some sort can tell you there’s a lot of nothing happening but back and forth, then the moments . i don’t know for sure but i imagine sports is the origin of the highlight reel. though movies have highlight reels too, in the form of movie previews. anyway, i digress as the 5 is almost up. i am thinking of keeping this 5 minute format in the essence of the highight reel. we will s

Let me hear you.

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