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Dear Monday

Dear Monday

This is a writing sprint. Please excuse spelling and grammatical errors.

Hello, first Monday of 2021. Today is a special day for you and your kin. You see, whether or not you know it, your family has a lot of haters. I don’t get it either. Personally, I don’t mind you guys for your weekly visit. Well. most of the time that is.

Anyway my dear friuend. I wanted to let you know that you are extra special amongst your family. (don’t share this with the others). Since you are the firt of the year, a lot of those people I mentioned above will actually like you today. 20212 is all fresh and new and still snmells like the sweet aroma for promise, not the stench of sorrow.

So, its all up to you. (Well, not really, ity’s up to each and every one of us) To help folks along, let’s pretend its all up to you to set the pace.

I’ve now sat staring at this blinking cursor for close to a minute now. It’s 34 seconds later…well, shit Monday. We messed tha

Let me hear you.

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