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73 Seconds

73 Seconds

This is a writing sprint. Please excuse spelling and grammatical errors.

These past several days my mind has been swarming with thoughts and I just couldn’t lock it down on something to write about. This morning though, I read and was reminded about the Spece Shiuttle Challenger tragedy that happened this day in 1986.

It was 73 seconds into the flight that the accident happened. 73 seconds, that’s all it took for the lives of those astronauts and what they wporked on towards this mission to become part of our nation’s history through tragedy.

I think iut’s in particular that bit about time that I most ruminate on this morning. Not as a means or intent in dishonoring their memories and who they were as people, but as a reminder of how time can force us tio be succinct, as I strive to do with my posts, or it can allow us to be less human in a sense that we simply live each moment liek other mam

Let me hear you.

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