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5 Minute Mind – What’s in a Day?

5 Minute Mind – What’s in a Day?

This is a writing sprint. Please excuse spelling and grammatical errors.

I awoke to the realization of Monday….but happy about it. THinking about what to write, I beang wondering about how days of the week can have there pre-determined feeling. THat is to say, the pre-determintation that we assign to the day.

It seems sometimes that so powerful is this assignment of feeling that we let it drive the rest of our day. Hell. sometimes even drive the rest of our week.

What if we try to o….What if we try to not marry a day with an emotion at all? In theory that sounds easy to do but in pracxtice, perhaps difficult. With each day goes the tasks assoicated with it, and our feelings with those tasks.

My usijng the word tasks may be revealing in itself. I could have said things or any other daily activity, but chose the word tasks. Perhaps what I need at least is to reframe the way I think about what is in a day for me. How abou you?

Let me hear you.

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