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5 Minute Mind – Use The force

5 Minute Mind – Use The force

This is a writing sprint. Please excuse spelling and grammatical errors.

SO we have our first space force bases.  Is this really happening?  Is  this same type of wonderment what was experienced by the generations that saw the first rocket launches and moon landings?  Seeing these things of fantasy and magic transformed from page to reality?

I’ve been a Star Trek  AND Star Wars fan since boyhood.  I remember my first space shuttle launch, first seing Colubia go up for its first mission, and seeing its lasts.  The idea of a real Unied Fedration to explore  space excites me great .

The one thing we got wrong thugh, Space Force.  The use of the word force implies militaristic action.  At least here in America, why does so much have to start with its roots in i wnting to blow shit up.

Let me hear you.

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