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5 Minute Mind – Thanks in Spanx

5 Minute Mind – Thanks in Spanx

This is a writing sprint. Please excuse spelling and grammatical errors.

Greetings my fellow Americans. It’s that day again, when we celebrate that most american of traditions, gluttony! Time to fill up ion the turkey and trimmings, actually I prefer fixins, but i digress. Lets also not forget the green bean casserole. When I was with my ex, I had dinner with his family this one particular year. Being that they are from Trinidad, there was a lot of Trini food (delicious, BTW). I pondered opn something tradtionlal american, and thought green bean casserole sums that up nicely.

I kid you not, that casserole was demolished! I literally ion the literal sense, had people ask me how to make this. I suppose comfort food like that has the ability to transcend cultures. As if to proclaim, we m,ay not come from the same place, but my flavors will still remind yo of home.

This Thanksgiving, I am going to try relishing in that…oh, relish tray. Uhm…relishing. I am spending it alone this year so I look to others as they share today, and they are my comfort foods. Giving me that cozy feeling, though

Let me hear you.

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