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5 Minute Mind – Maybe if it’s Tangible

5 Minute Mind – Maybe if it’s Tangible

This is a writing sprint. Please excuse spelling and grammatical errors.

As I was finishing reading the news this morning, I thought about print4ed news. At least here in the states, it’s become almost indiscernable at times to tell the difference between factual news and trumped up rumors masquerading as such..yes, that is a purposeful pun.

I started an online subscription to my local news paper and even th0ought I can read it online, I like to download the pdf version. Still electronic, but it has more of the reading a real newspaper feels like.

Thjere are a couple other sources that I have started pqying to have the digital and print edition. I know it doesn’t mean that an actual newspaper is more truthful than an online one, but it just feels like it does.

I don’t know if i feel there is something hallowed in printed news, but I do at least know the people writing the articles do so with an intent to reports the facts, unless it’s otherwise notated.

In grasping something real and tangible, it makes me feel all that more closer to the truth,

Let me hear you.

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