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5 Minute Mind – The Sound of Anxiety

5 Minute Mind – The Sound of Anxiety

This is a writing sprint. Please excuse spelling and grammatical errors.

For the past several months, I have been keeping some type of noise in the background. Living alone during distancing is not all bliss. For most of this time, I’ve used the TV as that background noise. The sound of people talking, etc. filling some sort of pereived need.

A couple weeks ago, during a bad day of anxious feelings, I tried a breathing exercise. REally buying in to it and trying to block out the noise helped. I started trying working without the TV on all the time in little bits.

WOuldn’t you klnow it, the less specific noise I had going on, suich as voices and “real world” sounds, the more eased my anxiety felt. As if the cacophoiny of a perceived real world sound was causing the anxious momehtnts within my head to screamopuder in competition so they too were heard.

The past several days, Ive gone hours without that typo3e of sound. I play brown noise, pink or white noise…which ever is

P.S. More to be said on this. Stay tuned.

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