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5 Minute Moose, Erm Mind

Were Canadians Warned Not to Let Moose Lick Their Cars?

The following is a writing sprint. Please excuse grammatical errors and typos.

Well, well neighbors to the North. COnsidering I literally am “a florida man…” I find it rather funny somethjing like this happend in Canada. The place that’s like the cooler sibling that mom and dad always liked better.

It’s nice to know that we don’t contain all the dum-dums here in the U.S. I found this artice to be rather timely considering I participated in my first on-line group meeting for anxiety and shyness sufferers yesterdaty. Yeah, suffering from this and convicing yioursef to go to a meeting siuch as this is in itselkf a challenge. Beleive it or not, It wasn’t just a bunch of people in a zoom meeting not using their cameras while we all sat on mute.

Anyway, the group originates out of Canadaand one person made a comment about…how to phrase this. Our sel-described COVID experts.

Ned to wrap this up, so let me just say to you my dear Canucks. I am sure ether toe park visitors or the moose are from the U.S. so no wirries.

Source: Were Canadians Warned Not to Let Moose Lick Their Cars?

Let me hear you.

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