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5 Minute Mind – Breadcrumb Trails

5 Minute Mind – Breadcrumb Trails

This is a writing sprint. Please excuse spelling and grammatical errors.

When you start to think abot something, do you play like SHrek and think about it as an onion. Peeling back all the layers to see what’s inside. I do this often with thoughts and ideas…or thoughts that lead to ideas or ideas that lead to thoughts. It’s like one thing leading to another opens uip the door to soooo may other things to think about. I don’t mind this really, but haver ou ever gone so far down the thought path that you reach a point where you don’t remember what the heel started the who damn thing?

Mental breadcrumbs are what we need. Mine is living by my reminders. Generally i write them up on my phones, but soimetimes it just hits you wherever and you have to write it down on whatever is around me. If i used actualy sticky notes, i am sure i could create a paper mache life size godzilla. I do however use the virutal ones…love them Try it if you dont use them.

BNack to focus. Just in saying that last thought i started imagining a paper godzilla in all the post it colors…a hot ;ink odzilla with sea foam green flames sho

Let me hear you.

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