5 minute Mind
5 Minutes With My Mind

5 Minutes With My Mind

Please excuse typos and grammatical errors. This is an exercise focusing on unfettered writing.

Originally published 10/7/2020

aaand, go!

I was thinking earlier about making this something i do regularly, and what to call it. The title on this post may not be the best, but it sums up what I am focusing on here. THought yesterday after trying this for the first time how much I really enjoyed it. Just being in the moment and letting what ever comes out of my mind be put to words on screen. I think so often in life we , or at least I, am verty mindful about what to say and when. Not because i view this as something taqxing tio me or a bother, rather the contrary. It is up to each and every one of us to be mindfulk about what we say and do each and every day. Far too often, we have the capacity to consider the world and its people from the viuepoint of how they relate to us, with us being the focal point. i see you, but how do you integrate or gain any importance in my world? you can’t do anything for me, so you get a minimal rating which means i don’t need to give you mucvh forethought in my actions. this couldnt be further from the right way to think. we need to be mindful to consider how we fit in to the world first. How do we make ourselves relevamt to what and who is around us. what actions or how do we try to consider, no be empathetic to others so that we can understand what they are experiencing and take the time to consider how are actions can either helpo or cause further harm. If we take mroe time to do that, then we will find both the world and ourselves to be in a much happier place. its worth the effort. each. and. every. day.

times up

Let me hear you.

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