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5 minute musings – first blog post

5 minute musings – first blog post

Originally published 10/6/2020.

Jut clicked start on the timer and we’re off. Trying the exercise where I just write for a specified amount of time. It doesn’t need to make sense, the important thing to do is keep writing, whatever it is. It’s a funny thing to do and even as I write this now, I am thankful that I at least have something to think about. What if I didn’t? Would I just sit here, typing I have no idea what to write about, over and over? think about that, free reign to write about whatever you want to write about but then staring blankly at that wall in your mind. you are sure if you could just bnreak trough that wall, “Oh yeahhhhh!” then you would find the words on the other side. Perhaps that is what is also kind of amusing, the things that you can think of when you aren’t trying to think of them? If you’re reading this and consider yourself somewhat or totally a writer, I bet you’ve had that instance where you’re in the middle of something, like I dont know peeing, and this idea hits you out of the blue? Plot points, characters…all of it…..the goddamn best thing you’ve ever thought of and then you don’t know how kong you were standing or sitting before you realize your body was done however long ago. Whew, I think my mind is almost out of breath. It certainly isn’t used to having sprints like this. I am usually one of those people who is so easily distra….what was that? Oh, what was I saying? Yeah, distracted. That about sums it up. Distraction at it’s finet. Oh 5 minutes,.,,.

For the first several minutes, I kept going back to fix misspellings, etc. Towards the end, I just kept going. I think that’s an important part of doing this as I felt more connected to the act of writing, just for writing’s sake.

Let me hear you.

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