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5 Minute Mind – When Your Best is Mediocre

5 Minute Mind – When Your Best is Mediocre

This is a writing sprint. Please excuse spelling and grammatical errors.

Watching a program and in the classic sitom scenario, the family was watching their yound chikd perform…jsut OK. When she was done, they asked why she wasn’t upset and she answered she was OK being in the middle Someone was worse than her, someone was better than her, and that’s fine.

IUt got me thinking, why do we opersist in telling children, hell even adults, you have to be the best. Is there really something wrong with mediocre at best? If so, why? I thought about this at kength and I have to say, there is nothing wrong with that if the oerson for whom mediocrity is achieved, and they are content, then isn’t that better than still striving for something unobtainable and being unhappy with life?

I think we need to put the best in a new context. It’s not even to say “do your best.” Why not something like strive to be competent, avhiuve greater if youre unfulfilled. IT’s a much larger conversatin than this 5 minute throught, but one worth having.

Let me hear you.

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