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5 Minute Mind – When the Light Goes Out

This is a writing sprint. Please excuse spelling and grammatical errors.

I opened the door to my refrigerator last night and light went out. Kinda startedled me for a second, the pop was rather loud. My first thought was, “what the hell did the damn cat knock over?”, That split second thinking….thankful he can’t understand my words when I say them out loud. THere’s something to be said for not having to eat crow when talking to your cat….brids are their meals, not ours. At any rate, truning back to the door as it sat ajar, I think I was staring inside for a minute perhaps. It’s as if the part of my brain that is still filled with the wonderment of a child was enthralled with knowing what it looks like on theother side of the door..when it’s closed! What wonders it held. I smile to myself now thkning about it and must say rather than feeling foolish, I have the smile of an old sould peering back towards captured moments in ther highlight reel of life. SUch fondness. I amalso glad to still have this perspective with me. Our adult minds become so task oriented so everything is something that we have to do. We struglle to find ,oments in our lives where we can just be at rest and imagine…shapes in the clopuds, saying words outloud over and over because they make us chuckle….all the silly little things that grought us such joy. find your silly ittle things again and smil

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