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5 Minute Mind – The Virus

5 Minute Mind – The Virus

This is a writing sprint. Please excuse spelling and grammatical errors.

The battle between imperical data and peoples perception of it, has most often been one that are two sides of a mirror. Believe what the data says? I hven’t seen that, I haven’t been affected in that way. Therefore, the data is wrong, I am right, case closed. People assert themselves into the sotry as the focal point, and the world if it does’t shape the way they think it should, then they simply ingore it or change it to suit their narrative.

We have seen so much of this during the COVID crisis. It’s not a particular leader and what they have to say ais anything different, leaders decried science in the past and those who speak the real truthe have been put to death for it.

The real culprit here, the true virus, is apathy. Even with the way we now have the most incredible culmination of knowledge in the entire world at our grasp, so often people just don’t feel like looking. It’s easier for someone in a position of authority to tell them what to think, an they follow along in apathetic bliss.

Let me hear you.

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