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5 Minute Mind – Question of Conscience

This is a writing sprint. Please excuse spelling and grammatical errors.

Q: Your partner dumps you and afterwards they become famous. Their photo library is hacked, and it contains a few revealing photos. You’ve also been offered 150k for sharing any nude photos of them. Do you sell them?

A: My knee jerk reaction would be to say yes, because when I think of being dumped negative connotations first come to mind. Regardless of malice, ill feelings, and all that jazz I knw morally it wouldf be wrong to do it. When adversity strikes us, we can strike back with an equal or even far greater amount of force. This will most asuredly make us feel netter in the short run, but it isn’t doing anything great for our overall well-being. Suffice to say you aren’t a sociopath and have no regard for others emotons. Unless cut short, life is the long con, with death its target. We know death will figure it out eventually and come for us but to keep the con going, we must think long term and make decisions that will keep us in the con. THis means deciding and acting on what is best for our mind and bodies long term, and a consideration for others in making these choices.

Let me hear you.

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