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5 Minute Mind – Old Man Moment

5 Minute Mind – Old Man Moment

This is a writing sprint. Please excuse spelling and grammatical errors.

I remember it like it was yesterday…well, even thought it wasn’t, it was more like 2 or so years ago. I approach the retail associate, my items are scanned and I am ready to pay. I swipe my card as usual, and receive “the noise.” Yiou know that noise that indicates something like, “Hey! YOu did that wrong. Its a card dude, it isn’t that hard.” Embarassed, I swiped it again, only to be greeted once more. THis time, the voice I heard said ” Dude, you’re killin me.” The retail associate asked, “is it a chip card?”

Now, just a little background info. I consider myself to be a tech minded kind of guy still to this day, and had heard about chip cardes for years, but never seen it in action.

I answered to te affirmative and she told me you have to slide the card in. Did that, and after removing it, once more I got yelled at. Now it was saying to me”. Nice work…you almost got a c for effort. RTF screen.” Wait, so now I have tio slide the card in and kleave it there?

FInd, did it, no airraid sirens going off in the background. I sheepishly grin at the person behind me. The innumerable amount of curse words almost escaping my mouth wou;ld have made a drunken sailor blush.

***NOTE – Ran out of time and didn’t finish this one. Think old man yelling at kids, you’ll get the idea.

Let me hear you.

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