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5 Minute Mind – Coming Out Day

5 Minute Mind – Coming Out Day

This is a writing sprint. Please excuse spelling and grammatical errors.

Melinda and Roger knew the day had come. THeir son, alex, was going to come out to them. THey wqere prepared, for they feel that have seen signs along the way. Alex, now 19, was somewhat different than hbis siblings. He was always muych more of an epath when it came to emotions and chose artistic activites. THis is shit…riddled with cliche. WHat I was trying to do is tell a story about coming out buyt with a comedic clant. try this again.

Alex sat his parents down on the living room sofa. His heart raced, because he was ready to tell them about something hes kept secret. He could see his parents were anxious, but with a tempered sense of curiosity. He knew he was fortunate to have such supportive and involved parents. His biggest efear in telling them wasn’t about feeling he would be treated poorly or the news received badly, he knew they loived him and had always stood by his side. He wiped hjis palms acrooss his jeans and began to speak in a raspy tone. HIs hear traced and he opened his mouth to speak, but the words were stuck.

Hoiney, it’s ok. you can tell us. We’ve suspected for a long time. If it’s easier we can say it for you. Ok, said Alex. His father spoke, son we know yoiu’re gay and we love you regardless. Alex laughed, I know you kjnew that already. What I wanted to tell yo uiis that I like

I ran out of time right at the end. My intention was to put in something ridiculous, like cilantro.

Let me hear you.

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