5 minute Mind
5 Minute Mind – Cloud Cover

5 Minute Mind – Cloud Cover

This is a writing sprint. Please excuse spelling and grammatical errors.

Gazing out my window as I am oft to do, pondering such things like why I am here or whether or not I should make dinner, the skies were kind of blah. A little context, I am a freakish early mornig person so my pondering is often in dawn’s waking hours.

This morning while I Can see the suym rising off to the horizon, there is a thick blanket of low lying, grey clouds. Below the clouds with me, clear sight, and easy to see.

SCanning above, it’s hard to see the brilliant azure luister that i mostly crave. Its so easy for me to get lost in a beautiful. blue sky. As if the very ocean rested above and I am contently drowing within it.

Anyeway….I just got side tracked because I can start to see some blue patches, which is what prompted me to start writing this a few minutes ago. Ok…it made me think about work. About how you can have a good employee with vision and drive and who wants to suceed…but if you havfe shitty middle management they can’t break throughn

Let me hear you.

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